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Taken as a combination of the latin word Plebian and the Greek Paracite. Plural Plebiscites
It refers to an individual person of low intellect that acct either intentionally or otherwise as a drain on society or to someone with greater ability.
It is impossible for a student to get a job these days. Even fast food chains only employ plebiscites that will just work with them forever.

No wonder the country's in debt, there are so many plebiscites taking advantage of the welfare systems.
by SuaveStudent August 01, 2012
Ple-bi-scite (noun/adjective)
1. An insult used to refer to people as 'common'
2. A term for ordinary, common people
'She's such a plebiscite'.
by thesmartcookieofamerica August 26, 2014
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