In Cincinnati (Cincy), this is slang/short for "Could you please repeat that?"
Clerk: Ju orda da watr?
Cincinnatian: Please?
Clerk: Did you order the water?
by Red Tag Man October 19, 2005
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the magic word
Whats the magic word?
by purplemonky November 24, 2003
another word for "now".
Hand me those cookies, please.
by quickstop17 November 14, 2006
can b used instead of eitha (1) "i don't believe you" or (2) "yeah, right."
(1) "ey, i jus fucked 50 cent in tha back of hiz whip, girl!" >> "girl, please."

(2) "stop frontin, u kno u want me!" >> "PLEASE."
by iTaLiAn MaMi August 06, 2004
1) A word used to ask somebody to do something. Its usage is necessary to sound polite. Can be repeated multiple times, with a long, drawn-out 'e' to signify when begging/imploring.

2) To bring pleasure to another being.
1) May we go to the zoo, please?

2) I pleased my friend by giving him back the pencil he lent me.
by Diggity Monkeez January 28, 2005
The one word that will never grant a man oral sex from a woman.
"Yo, can I get a blowjob?"
by Jake Throckmorton January 13, 2007
A word often used while in a pissed-off state, rather than the peaceful version. Words that come after please are usually, but not limited to:
1. Shut the fuck up
2. Get the hell out
3. Kill yourself
Jordan: bro!! Wanna go hang out with ashley!?

Bro: Please, shut the fuck up.
by Yummyyummyhippo May 14, 2014

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