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The two definitons above me were written by complete fucktards and anal vampires. Playstation is the console that saved gaming as we know it. Without it we would have to play systems such as X-box aka A nazi box, or Lamecube. The playstation is always a fun thing to play when one is bored and has the best games out their.
Bob: I am bored as hell can i kick it at you're house and play some PlayStation?
Steve: Ya dude i got a ton of new games lets hit that shit.
by Jizz Master Zero March 05, 2006
231 295
When somebody buys hundreds of sexual toys and puts them all in one room, that room becomes a "playstation."
Lets hang upside down and throw dildos at eachother in my playstation!
by Chris Carver June 21, 2005
20 86
A video game console who's target audience was japanese girls between around five to sixteen years of age. However, it also eventually had some games that targeted others, some of which became successfull such as Ratchet and Clank, though most games remained true to its original audience with many Role-Playing-Games contributing. Eventually it did reach out to others around the world and became quite popular, yet still did not quite gain the attention of the male population.
by WhatUp!TheSky. June 06, 2010
5 72
A whore or girl who has sex with a lot of dudes; a nympho
"Man, me and that playstation had fun in the backseat last night"
by Chad M November 03, 2006
42 116
Something that ruined videogames for everyone except chavs.
People that play playstation games are often simple minded idiots that think violence is so funny they will repeat it a million more times.
chav 1: YO! Did u gangsta's get da new GTA? INNIT!
chav 2: Yeah! It is sound innit. I beat up... (so stupid he can't count)
Normal person: Why don't you get a Gamecube or an Xbox?
chav 1: NO! cos da playstation 3 'as a boomerang 4 a controller! BRAP!
by meh2 January 10, 2006
20 99
The system that started the decline in quality among video games. This was done by marketing games to the hip hop generation and people who used to pick on gamers in gym class, instead of people who actually have interest in video games.
Originally, the Playstation was designed as a disc drive for the Super Nintendo.
The Playstation ruined gaming by making it 'ghetto' and 'hip hop'.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005
215 313
Anything made by Sony that sucks
Everything by Sony(E.X. Playstation) sucks
by eons of grey August 30, 2007
20 126