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Contrary to the Crib, this is the home of your girlfriend or occasional female encounter
I'm going to the playpen to chill with my *****.
by Funkmaster BM October 17, 2006
A dance/strip club that one day will open, created by VX, that will make Hooter's jealous.
Kid online:What do you do?
Us:We work at Playpen.
by Carley February 06, 2005
A playpen is a place for gay men to meet for indiscriminate sexual activity with other men. Also known as saunas and bath houses, these places can conceal all kinds of kinkiness, such as dungeons, stalk-mazes, bathrooms, locker rooms, and/or any other fantasy setup.
"Hey Marty, are you going to the playpen tonight?"
by Homoluvvin April 03, 2008
A hott ass strip club where eliza and kate strip for millions and millions of (and women) come from all ove the world to see these hott girls strip to mustarg plug and rock ya body...Mario Vaz. ecpessially comes to sing and well cumm....
Hey sean wht are we doing on friday?

Going to playpen to wach kate and eliza..Duh..Man there HOTT

I no i want to fuck kate SOOOO BAD!!!!
OMG me 2 but i also want to fuck ELIZA!!!
SOunds like a plan....

geez i hope kate dosent overdose on pills.....
by Hottstuff March 24, 2005
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