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"Playing in the mud" means anal sex.

Playing in the mud is usually applied to homosexuals, but can also be used in reference to heterosexual situations involving anal sex.

see also: fudge packing, buttsechs, bum sex, sodomy, anal sex, shit stabbing.
Ben: "Where is Austen?"
Ian: "Probably playing in the mud with Lance."

"Go play in the mud fag."
by Benjamin Roelke & Ian Kerlin February 01, 2006
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"Playing in the mud" means a white dude fucking black chicks.
Brenden: hey dan seeing a new chicks lately?

Dan: hell yea, im been fucking this black chick so much better then white chicks.

Brenden: you "playing in the mud" now. Nice I would so fuck a black chick right now. Being on this military base is making me go crazy.
by digitalsyndrome August 12, 2014
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