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A person that you say what's up to, and give a pound, but aint really your homie because when you are sayin "wud up playboy" to that cat, the end sylobil in playboy has its tune tweeked, making the name a touch sarcastic.
the Living Legend Billy Brads walks into a bar, and says to the bartender, "wud up, playboi?"
by Apache203 June 17, 2008
A playboi is slang for a gay man. Typically a playboi has a power that allows him to seek out and turn out other men. Commonly a playboi is in the African American Community he befriends those that he knows he can have coitus with and keeps it a secret and purses the next.
When being out in the streets always see playboi he'll suck you right and won't tell anybody
by playboi89 December 23, 2013

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