"Bored," phonetically similar to "board" (this relates to Plank, a piece of plywood belonging to Ed, Edd, and Eddy character Johnny 2x4)
"There's nothing to do around here, I'm so planked."
by Stratz101 November 26, 2009
Top Definition
meaning you are completly drunk! actually off your face!:L
westside and SD were so planked last night. i found them in a bush...naked....doing it.... :/ OMG! massive let down :'( :L
by Westside-SD-SB August 12, 2010
A different way of saying "You got owned."
Ben: *gets a headshot in Halo 3*
"You just got planked!"
Noob who got headshotted: "HAX!"
by MisterUnnamed April 11, 2009
Ugly. Specifically having an ugly face, usually with a serviceable body. From "hit in the face with a plank."
I can't believe I went home with Mia last night. I am really ashamed because the bitch is planked.
by FazedNB October 01, 2006
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