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Plandom is an annoying form of being "random" but actually planning the randomness ahead of time, or using the same three or four "random" phrases.
Plandom Fucker- "I am a pineapple cheese monkey that lives in a fruitbasket with Frankenstein's mega-colon medication and everyone is coo-coo for co co puffs!"
by Galoot March 14, 2005
Situation where an individual claims an act as being random, when in reality the outcome has deliberately been modified to produce controlled results.
(Settlers of Catan game)
Player #1: So are we gonna set up this board randomly?
Player #2: Ya of course, just make sure there's a six on brick, i never get enough of that stuff.
Player #1: Dude what is this? plandom??
by legitgranite August 18, 2011
All the fun of a hooking up with a random person, without the regrets.
Jill - I need to get some random action at the party. Hook me up with your ex, Tree!
Susie- It's a plandom!
by Susie Starfish June 15, 2009

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