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Plandom is an annoying form of being "random" but actually planning the randomness ahead of time, or using the same three or four "random" phrases.
Plandom Fucker- "I am a pineapple cheese monkey that lives in a fruitbasket with Frankenstein's mega-colon medication and everyone is coo-coo for co co puffs!"
by Galoot March 14, 2005
22 7
Situation where an individual claims an act as being random, when in reality the outcome has deliberately been modified to produce controlled results.
(Settlers of Catan game)
Player #1: So are we gonna set up this board randomly?
Player #2: Ya of course, just make sure there's a six on brick, i never get enough of that stuff.
Player #1: Dude what is this? plandom??
by legitgranite August 18, 2011
5 0
All the fun of a hooking up with a random person, without the regrets.
Jill - I need to get some random action at the party. Hook me up with your ex, Tree!
Susie- It's a plandom!
by Susie Starfish June 15, 2009
1 2