Plamf is used when you can think of no other word to use or if you are bored and in need of something to say.
Dale: Your a plamf
Duncan: no you are
Graham: you both are
Garry: Shut it you plamfs
by Gargando March 02, 2007
Top Definition
Plamf is a Scottish word used to insult people, or in the gentle ribbing of friends.

It actually means "one who enjoys sniffing another's underwear".
Haw you ya plamf!
Get away fae ma washin' ya plamf!
by st3ph3n November 26, 2005
Someone who sniff's underwear. Usually a pair of granny pants that have not been washed yet
Dean! You're such a plamf!
by GemmikaBaby July 28, 2010
In Glasgow, Scotland..

One who sniffs pants....a nicker sniffer.
Ned: Hey you, ya wee plamf!

Plamf: It's just for pleasure.
by mabaws January 15, 2010
In Scotland, a plamf is a derogatory term meaning idiot. Depending on the context, you can use plamf as an extreme insult to passers-by, or in gentle banter between male friends.
"Whit ur u lookin at, ya plamf"

Gentle ribbing between friends:
"Oh c'mon ya plamf, lets get up tae the dancin"
by Scott T the silver fox January 23, 2004
Party Like a Mutha Fucka
"I plamf, therefore I Live."

"I'm about to PLAMF it up!"

"I wanna plamf on a big ol' booty."
by Don Mudda Skunkin Deezy May 18, 2012
Everyone else is wrong on here.

Glasgow slang, insult, and stands for

Hence, plamf!
Here you ya plamf, you're gettin plugged!
by Greiver January 27, 2009
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