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-a shorter way of saying "bullshit"

-meaning "bullshit" in a way people may not get in trouble for
person 1: "they said they even did it together!"
person 2: "naw man, that's a bunch of bullsh.."
person 1: "i know i never believed it anyway!"
by NicoleLovesYourPants May 29, 2009
1. when a conversation gets boring, say "ka-plamf" and you will get responses

2. to say something is cool, awesome, sweet, sick, etc.
1. person 1- yep..

person 2- yeah...

person 1- KA-PLAMF!

person 2- lol what?
2. person 1- dude did you see the new arrivals at forever 21?

person 2- yeah, bro they're ka-plamf!
by NicoleLovesYourPants June 18, 2009

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