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to laser talk someone to the point where earbleeding may occur. To repeat stories or phrases just so you know that everyone on earth knows you said it. To be totally plutonic with a girl so that she will regard you as a girlfriend and not a man, forsaking your manhood and the existance of your penis.
Dude, he's so gay, he's plachta.
That guy is like plachta, no way he's getting a bid.
Mike plachta has a baby dick.
by Poopy pants January 19, 2005
When you take copious swigs of alcohol (rum,vodka,whatever) in front of a crowd of people for the delight of all. Gargling said beverage is also advised to enhance the crowd appeal.
-"Man, did you see him plachta that rum in front of the cop?"
-"Yeah, at least we got her to take her clothes off for him"
-"Ah... I love Panama City"
by John January 09, 2005

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