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The Estonian way of saying "please"
N00b93: phr33 st00f pl0x?
Zaga: No you damn Estonian
by Da_Zaga October 19, 2009
A synonym for "please" and probably the easiest way to troll people online, since 95% of the entire online gaming community gets freakishly butthurt over it.
Most commonly used by trolls and n00bs.
Random online player #1: I can has free stuff pl0x?

Random online player #2: Lol shut the **** you ****ing piece of **** i ams much better than you, you ****ing n00b!

Random online player #1: lolumad?
by Timm O))) August 21, 2011
Another word for please, pls, plz.
Variation of Plox
Bob: Cheeseburger pl0x
Cook: *hands food*
by Nonja Gen. Saza November 15, 2009
A word used on the internet that means "please". Mostly noobs or n00bs use this. See bacon hair for a user of "pl0x" on Habbo Hotel.
Habbo bacon hair: 0nG phr33 f00rni pl0x!11!elevenONE!
Runescape N00b: omfgmfg g1v3 m33 y00r rmour!! pl0xn0w!!

WoW noob: 0nG i g0t K1ll3d g0d st0p pl0x!!!!!!!!!
by Psudonym1212 June 22, 2009
A word which means "please" in the MMO world. Mostly used by childish noobs who suck at getting their own stuff.
c4n 1 h4z 200 g0ld pl0x????????
by NubcakeLawl January 05, 2010
The nerdy/virtual word for "please". Mostly heard from MapleStory.
"aye man can I have some coins pl0x"

"C0INS PL0x"
by ceekz October 25, 2011
pl0x is just simply another word for please
shut up pl0x
by teebags☼ July 21, 2009