The nerdy/virtual word for "please". Mostly heard from MapleStory.
"aye man can I have some coins pl0x"

"C0INS PL0x"
by ceekz October 25, 2011
the way a retard or a /b/tard says please. Only fags and dorks use this word
Bewbs or gtfo pl0x!
by howdydudey August 04, 2009
the absolute best way to say please.
saying "pl0x" is the ultimate sign of coolness in a person
person 1: hai qt can i have yo numba?
person 2: what's the magic word?
person 1: PL0X??
person 2: 0f (0ur$3.
by pl0xmonster November 18, 2009
peace love hugs and kisses.
Dear Angela,

It means a lot that you went out of your way to get me these tickets. Thank you very much from me and my son.

by malazzo March 26, 2010
pl0x is derived from how a female of the homo sapiens variety utters the word "please" while a phallus is placed inside and rhythmically propelled within her oral cavity. The implication is that she is unwillingly placed in that position and is begging either for the activity to continue or for the phallus to be removed, depending on the particular connotation desired.

Can also refer to the sound of one's gag reflex being triggered.
She pl0xed all over my cock!
by qooquu December 30, 2007
The Word "Please" In H4x0r Language. It is also often Misused and Used In Normal Chat.
A Good and Bad Player Meet In a MMORPG Game. The Bad Player Is a Lower Level than the good player and begs for money and items.

Bad Player: Phr33 St00f Pl0x! n33d phr33 m0n3y 4nd St00f pl0x w00t!

Good Player: U C4nt H4ve Anyth1n l00l u n00bz0r LoL! Y0u h4v3 t0 h4x0rz t3h g4m3z t0 w1N!!! Pl0x!!!!11 R0flz0rz

Bad Player: stFu! n00bz0rZ U h4x0rz3d T0 g3t 4ll ur st00f pl0X l0lz!!!!!!!11111!!
by Swazy May 29, 2007
Sex or asking for sex.
Bob : pl0x?

Girl : No, im not ready yet..
by Homeless hobo mojo September 26, 2009
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