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Codeword for pussy
Matt loves to eat pizza
by Up The Arse December 28, 2011
A code name for rough sex, commonly used by bored couples at a formal affair. No one knows what pizza means, so it can be used around anyone.

(This term has been coined by Harvard University students in the summer of 2011)
While at dinner with the family:

Husband: Hey honey, after this do you want to go have some pizza? I'm still hungry

Wife: Yeah, I could go for some pizza myself...
by snacks and shitt August 21, 2011
Probably one of the most delicious foods in the world
"mum, can we PLEASE have pizza tonight?"
"oh, all right. where from thought?"
"ummmm.........pizza hut?
by ben johnssonn July 10, 2005
Food of the gods and of New Yorkers. An open-faced pie made with (in order of appearance) toppings (usually mushroom or broccoli. The works does well too), cheese (not too much please! and extra melty), and tomato sauce (lots of it). It can be found at the Church of Deliciousness, a.k.a., the pizza place: a haven for grease, friends, drugs, and loud italian and hispanic chefs.
Pizza is praised among physicians for containing the four major food groups; dairy, breads, vegetables, and love
Even rich people in New York eat pizza

Deigo: What're you doing after school
Maddie: I'm going to the pizza place. Wanna come?
by scratchmaster101 February 02, 2011
A code word used for marijuana. In the United States, marijuana is typically sold by 1/8ths of an ounce, or by "slices" of pizza. Pot Heads often feel this is an ideal code word because of the sheer awesomeness of both pizza and marijuana.

*Pot Head Tip: "REAL pizza" or "PIZZA pizza" (meaning the actual food kind of pizza) may also need to be used to clarify when to order delivery.
"I'm getting some super yummy pizza later! Do you want any?"
"Oh, groovy! I could totally go for a slice!"

"Come on over, y'all! It's a pizza party!"

"I really want some pizza right now..."
"Seriously?!? I think I need break for a minute!"
<laughing> "No! Not 'pizza', 'PIZZA pizza'!"
<laughing> "Ooohhhh...'PIZZA pizza'! Yeah, totally!"
by Goddess Love G November 09, 2010
A dish best served cold.

And in the morning.
The 3 essential food groups are :
Cold pizza, raman noodles, and cereal
by addyAddict May 13, 2009
apparently a vegetable
How the fuck does pizza count as a vegetable
by mvddfg December 08, 2011