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A food that is good with everything.
I like pizza.
by Zach G. November 13, 2003
My usual breakfast.
Aw man, that pizza got me stuffed.
by Cinbadrio May 29, 2010
A Brazilian common expression to something that would take serious consequences to someone's malpractice or misbehavior, but due lenients laws, con officers or politics, the guy slips away unpunished and free.
The inquiries and proofs were against that politician, but his colleagues let him free of charges..."They turned out to pizza", or in Portuguese: "Deu em pizza."
by Will Costa June 15, 2007
Usually meaning the yummy pie like dinner snack, but is begening to be a sensation for weed somkers to use as "code word".
Tanner & Dominic are going to eat pizza every day for three months....
Pot heads!!!
by Keira <3 May 19, 2008
It's now a vegetable in the U.S.
"Hey man eating some pizza?"
"Hells Yeah, I got my vegetable on!"
by lexxxi626 November 21, 2011
What people talk about when they want to change the subject quickly.
Person A: OMG, isnt that your ex?
Person B: Yeah, its your ex, Person C.
Person C: Who likes pizza?
by ShesAnExtraordinaryGirl February 08, 2010
1)One of the most popular foods in the US 2) A slice of hell that if you eat too soon after removing it from the oven will burn the crap out of your whole mouth.
1) Clay: Omg I just LOVE pizza, it has to be the best food ever!
2) I just burnt my mouth on pizza, it hurts...bad FML
by 767 fs pilot July 30, 2009