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acne so bad that it looks like u have got a peporami pizzz on ur face
u know that joe berril? hees got a right pizza face the wig wam
by mitchel May 04, 2005
An offensive term telling people that they have bad acne
Girl with acne: Dorothy, you're such a slut, you ugly bitch.
Dorothy: Get Neugtrogena, pizzaface.
by Yours Truly June 24, 2004
A face that is so covered in acne the skin underneath cannot be seen.
"Harry Jones has a pizza face!"
"Yeah I know, what a twat."
by Harry 'The Hermit' Jones March 19, 2005
A pizza face is either someone or their face that is so covered in acne (pimples/zits), that the skin beneath is hard to make out.
Man, Jordan is pimply.
Yeah, what a pizza face.
by Kame2000 December 24, 2005
A person with alot of acne on their face
Wow!, Jessie has a pizzaface.
by John April 27, 2005
A person with really bad acne resulting in a red greasy face... Just like pizza!
Looking at Jeffery's pizza face makes me want to barf at the sight of pizza. nasty.
by Jessi Fishurrr January 08, 2007
A face that is so covered in acne no-one can see the skin underneath.
"Harry Jones has a pizza face"
"Yeah I know, what a twat"
by Harry 'The Hermit' Jones March 19, 2005
A face covered in blood, resulting from eating out a girl while she is menstruating, and the untimely menstrual discharge covering the muncher's face.
Aaron: How was your night after you left the party with that chick?
John: I don't want to talk about it.
Aaron: Come on man, spill the beans.
John: Dude, I got some bad Pizza Face, and you know that sort of stuff grosses me out to the max
by 7Raulphie June 24, 2011