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Another term for knob/cock cheese, mainly found in people with a chode *see chode.
'Wow that man must have pizazz, i can smell it from here...'
by Guy with no knob December 30, 2003
Dazzling Style; flamboyance; flair
Vigorous spirit; enregy or excitement
For Example Sarah B and Narlea L
What is the secret to Sarah and Narlea's Pizazz?
by Us January 07, 2005
charisma, spunk, likable cockiness
they all like me cos of my pizazz
by onetruesoul-staytruetotheart October 26, 2003
a very important characteristic someone posessesa spunky kind of carisma
that girl has pizazz!
by mstar June 26, 2003