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a sugery powder inside a paper tube. for people who can't offord crack.
Bob: did you bring the crack?
Joe: no i didnt im flat broke... i brought the pixie sticks!
by ur momma February 29, 2004
Basically just flavored sugar. Comes in many different colors.

Often known to give grade schoolers a sugar high. Middle schoolers ocassionally sniff pixiesticks through their nose, acting as if they are cool in doing so. This usually results in a horrible headache.
Kid 1: Hehe! I sniffed pixiesticks. I'm so high!
Kid 2: Shut the hell up.
by TealDude4 February 28, 2005
doing a line of cocaine off another mans dick
man o man, Joe laid a nasty pixie stick on Bryans cock for craig to hammer down
by zcvkjyuvgasdj, February 08, 2008
Powdery flavored sugar in a paper tube. Also slang for syringes.
I scored some heroin from 23rd st., now I need to go to Walgreens to get a 10 pack of pixie sticks, they don't look at your arms there.
by jimcaps October 01, 2009
for kids who cant afford heroin
little random kid: omgOMG omg im on such a suger high! i love pixie sticks! theyre soo cool...look at all the pretty colours! (bounces off walls)
by me!!! muahyhahyha March 07, 2008
kid crack! XD
person one: i bought 5 bags of pixie sticks for encampment
person two: your gonna get high off kid crack
by (c)l.lindax3 November 11, 2009
A process by which a Moe extracts cum from the ass of his special friend via a straw.
Bryce liked to use a Pixie Stick on his main man muffin, Trevor.
by Jism Jim January 31, 2006