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A Wacky Pack card from the 1970s, parodying a can of Kiwi Shoe Polish.

Thanks to UD, I know know it is also a real fruit.
Woot! I just got a Piwi Blecch card!
by Utz89 November 30, 2004
A kiwi and pear that had a fusion and now it is one fruit. :D
(this is a true story)

Once upon a time...
Erica went to a supa market to buy some kiwi.
Then she went home to eat kiwi.
When she eat kiwi and what the heck.
"This kiwi taste like a pear."
It look like kiwi and feel like kiwi.
but it is pear.
"I shall call it the piwi!"


another example is the Zespri Gold.
by Erica November 29, 2004