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To say bad things about yourself or make up things just to make others feel bad for you.
Mary: Joe, why don't you love me? Why dont you ever talk to me? I know you think i'm fat, but that doesn't mean you should ignore me!

Joe: First of all, I always talk to you. Second of all, if i didn't love you, i probably wouldnt be taking to time to explain this. Lastly, i think you are really beautiful.
by Neel Vora July 13, 2006
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The act of searching for pity or sympathy by making something sound far worse than it really is.
Dave: Hey dude, what's up?

Jim: I got attacked by this massive, vicious dog in the park yesterday... I thought I was going to die...

Dave: OMG! Are you OK?


Dave: Did you hear about Jim? He got attacked by a massive dog!

Fred: He's just pity fishing, I was there. He was barked at by a dog.
by Mousey 66 February 11, 2012
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Pity fishing is an action when the "fisherman" complains about something in there life just to get pity from their listeners.
Someone who complains about something just so others can here them to give the complainer pity.
Pity fisherman are also usually compliment fishers (see compliment fishing)
Facebook Status: "My life is so hard, I have to do everything myself no one else will lift a finger."

PatsyReader: "awww poor you"

SmartReader: "oh quit your PITY FISHING!"
by quiturbitchin December 13, 2009
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