When you go down on another person's armpits.
Damn, that guy's hot. I'd like to go to Pittsburgh with him!
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by Alayne April 25, 2006
A surprisingly dull, and unimportant urban area given it's size. Most large cities have a reputation of some sort to live up to. No one cares about Pitsburgh though. Even some smaller cities are more famous and ifinitely more fascinating ie. Seattle, Roswell, Topeka, Reno, Denver etc.
People in Pittsburgh on the outside are proud of their city; on the inside they spend their lives yearning to live in places like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Miami.
by IliveHere2 April 12, 2005
A city in Pennsylvania that is predominantly inhabited by natives, or college students. All others are probably passing through. The weather is crappy pretty much all of the time, and the sky is always the color grey. Whatever culture Pittsburgh does have is well hidden and not easily accessible. Pittsburgh is lame, and makes people depressed.
Pittsburgh used to be a town full of steel mills. Look, you can still see all of the soot in the sky.
by xtine January 11, 2005
Pittsburgh isn't really a city. It's just a big suburb, but the locals get offended if you tell them that.
People here speak with an odd accent: "Yinz wanna git sum Purmanny's en Arn City en watcha Stillers' game?" Translated: "Do you want to get some Primanti's sandwiches and Iron City beer and go watch the
by Tom November 15, 2004
A crappy old city located between some dirty rivers (which often have cars or bodies in them). Pissburgh basically is full of rednecks (ever hear the saying "Pennsylvania: Philadelphia on one side, Alabama on the other"). Pissburgh is full of racists too. Everyone in the city claims to have such huge pride in their city but they don't. That is why Iron City went out of business (because everyone is cheap and just drinks Miller Lite, which is a hypocricy in itself because everyone is racist and Miller Lite donates to the Negro College Fund). That is also why the Penguins might leave town (Pissburghers don't like hockey too much becaues it is too complicated of a sport to get drunk and watch, and also cause the Penguins never play defense). Pissburgh claims to be a big drinking town but in reality no one here can handle their liquor, which is why Pissburgh is one of the leading DUI cities in the country. Pissburgh has no good job opportunities. Pissburgh claims to have their own language (yinz, n'at) but in reality NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT except when they do it on purpose. Pissburghers want to have their own identity SO MUCH but whether they like it or not Pissburgh is a below average run of the mill city. For example, people think when you get a sandwich with french fries on it that is called ordering it "Pittsburgh style" but in reality NOBODY who doesn't live in Pittsburgh has ever heard of that. Pissburgh was rated one of the worst cities for singles, and it certainly is. All the girls are ugly and all the guys are uneducated rednecks. Pissburgh's number one radio station is KISS FM, which is basically a bunch of retards singing over the music while it plays. During winter Pissburgh's roads are the worst, because there are about 2 salt trucks that drive around when they feel like it. Pissburgh is full of hypocrits. They blast Barry Bonds for using steroids every chance they get, but when the true subject that the Steelers used steroids in the 70s comes up, they turn their heads. Basically, Pissburgh is a second rate city full of idiots who wish they had their own culture and language but they simply do not.
I live in Pittsburgh...boy does my life suck n'at
#three rivers #pittsburgh #steel #garbage #crap
by Bill Coward May 03, 2006
Get over It Yinza's Pittsburgh is a giant asshole inhabited by small peices of shit. It stinks, It's dirty, everything tastes like metal, the girls are ugly and the guys are douche bags. Living in pittsburgh will make your life suck. The bars are shitholes. The natives are disgusting alcoholics. The sports fans are crazed maniacs. Downtown P-burgh smells like a sweaty farmers ass. Pittsburgh blows don't go there you'll regret it. The end.
matt says'i got accepted to Pitt should I go?
Ryan replies" you should never got to a college that's name rhymes with shit"
by kitty April 18, 2005
The most boring and depressing city in America. Avoided by most because of it's lack of coolness.
Only a Pittsburgher would like Pittsburgh
by jonny jo fsd September 01, 2003
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