America's most livable city according to Forbes Magazine. Pittsburgh has been featured in the top 10 of most livable cities in the United States several times over the past decade. So all you haters can suck it!!!
by Burgh Girl 4 Life February 02, 2011
ba drinking town with a football problem that makes up words that make no sense to anyone unless you are from the city of champions. also has the best sports teams (aside from baseball of course) in the world our language is called pittsburghese if your from around here and it is probably derived from people who speak to fast and combine words and also like to be unique. if you don't love the steelers and drink iron city (ahrn if your from here) then you arnt from here.

some pittsburghese...

yenz-most popular yall to the south and yous to the east anywhere else it is you guys

bubushka- a head scarf used for a bad hair day

chit chat- idle conversation i.e smalltalk

dahn tahn- downtown

gumban- rubberband

hans- anatomy used to hold an ahrn


jaggoff-an asshole

jeet jet? no d'jew- did you eat yet? no did you?


jynt igle-giant eagle a popular super market

keller- color

n'at- and that


pensivania-a state with one great city

picksburgh-also see awsome

pop- soda beverage

redd up- to clean or tidy up

sammitch- sandwhich

stillers- the best football team yet
e'sliberty- east liberty

slippy- slippery

spicket- fawcet

still mill-steel mill

tele pole- telephone pole

toirlet-the place where we flush our ahrn

da burgh-see picksburgh

the mon- monogahela river

the point- meeting point of three rivers

worsh-to wash
Hey Pittsburgh has a Stanley cup and Lombardi trophy they must be partying hard. It's Pittsburgh they always party hard
by sexxy 7's July 05, 2009
An overall awesome place. Home to the Pittsburgh Steelers (6 Superbowls and counting) Pittsburgh Pirates ( I don't care if they suck, they are from Pittsburgh) and Pittsburgh Penguins (We love our hockey!). Pitt and Penn State are popular college teams. Takes 30 minutes or less (usually) to get to the city from any of the suburbs. We have Pittsburgese and apparently don't even notice it. Some places to visit are the Golden Triangle, either of the inclines (really Mt. Washington in general), Shadyside, Strip District, and the suburbs. Most of them are really great and have some great stuff to do.
Pittsburgh is a great place to live. Schools for the most part are great, culture is rich, food is great, people are friendly. Sports are a favorite. Little league baseball is becoming increasingly popular along with soccer and basketball.
by pittgirl June 13, 2011
Etymology: From two words: pit - A large hole in the ground; and burgh - a shortened form of borough, a town or municipality with its own government, often with special responsibilities and privileges; A large hole in the ground with its own government.
You want to live in a large hole in the ground that has its own government? Try Pittsburgh.
by Southern Fat Man December 11, 2013
Pittsburgh is a mid-sized American city, with a population just under 400,000. The city is still struggling with a transitioning economy, from the days of the steel industry, to a post industrial economy.

Many people have a lot of complaints about Pittsburgh. True, it does not have the vibrant art, theatre, or music scenes as New York, Los Angeles, or San Fransisco, but it is also a much smaller city.

The city has a lot of history and culture, you just have to look for it. The downtown area is full of theatres, restaurants, and art galleries.

Neighborhoods such as the South Side, Lawrenceville, Oakland, Squirrel Hill, and Shadyside can be filled with things to do. Oakland, the home of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, is full of great independent coffeeshops, record stores, and ethnic dining. It is also the neighborhood of the Carnegie Museums, definitely worth checking out.

The job market is not great, especially for less common professions, but there are things available if you know where to look.

Some Pittsburghers are not highly educated, or cultured. But that's just a few. And despite that, they are all friendly, (usually) happy people.

If you want a huge, totally urban, modernized city ... Pittsburgh is probably not for you. But everyone should give it a chance. There are a lot of great things here, you just have to look a little harder to find them. Ultimately, anything in life is only as good or as bad as you want it to be.
New Pittsburgher: There's nothing to do here, how can you stand it?
Old Pittsburgher: Well, it's hard to find things to do at first, but there's actually a lot ... why don't you check out some of the museums in Oakland?

New Pittsburgher: Isn't there any nightlife here?
Old Pittsburgher: Sure, head down to the Southside and check it out. Carson Street is packed with bars and clubs.
by KeightyT September 11, 2007
Actually, the phrase is "Pittsburgh on one side, Philadelphia on the other, and Alabama in the middle." There are far too many Democrats in Pittsburgh for it to ever be likened to Alabama.
The city of Pittsburgh has extremely liberal social policies regarding issues such as sexual orientation.
by Amazon4 June 30, 2006
A dirty, grimy city where most don't care about what it looks like. You'll find most streets littered with weave, old beer bottles/cans, food wrappers from drunk assholes or people that are just too lazy to walk to a trash can. You can't walk down an ally without it smelling like shit, piss and garbage.
People here are unfriendly, lazy, and overly excited about football... because football is pretty the only thing the city has.
Shitty public transportation (expensive, rude drivers, full of load idiots). The city isn't progressive at all, and most of the things that could make the city nice either don't get started, don't get finished, or get ruined by the shitheads that live here.

Most of the people that live in pittsburgh are all college douche bags, that go to school during the weekend, then terrorize the city (mostly south side) on the weekends, by being too loud, littering, and destroying anything in their path.
And this is all coming from someone raised here.

If you are looking to visit a city full of friendly people, this is not the place.
To most people living here, there is no world outside of pittsburgh.
Welcome to Pittsburgh : The Gateway to Hell.
by hahahjooo August 10, 2011

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