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The adjective of the website known as

1) If a friend is talking about an album like its the greatest record ever, and you are an indie hipster with all the knowledge of music and its effects on society, than an important factor on you listening to this album is to find out if the album is good enough to be pitchfork'd.

2) The resulting aspect of an EP/LP once it has been processed through the rigorous critique and analysis of the pitchfork's reviewers.
Friend 1: So I listened to Kid Sam's Self Titled record last week, it was fucking incredible.

Friend 2:
Has it been pitchfork'd?

Friend 1: No. What the hell is pitchfork?

Friend 2: Well it's not worth listening to.
by antichrist-radio-blues May 16, 2010
Being on the receiving end of pointy pitchfork.
This is what you're bound to get if you mess someone from the south.
Known to be 2 to 6 times as effective as stabbing someone. The degree of effectiveness depends on the number, spacing and length of the tines on the pitchfork.
Dude 1: "Dude, what's that sticking out of your back?"
Dude 2: "My sorry ass got pitchfork'd!"
by Lench Mob December 12, 2006
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