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to contribute money to weed, either a spliff or a blunt.
Not to be a bitch or anything but I ain't a bank, Jake isn't hitting the blunt if he doesn't pitch this time.
by LILR1 May 08, 2008
"To the highest degree". Originates from "pitch black," meaning "it couldn't be any blacker".
That's pitch cool!
He's pitch rich.
I'm pitch scared right now.
That test was pitch easy; I didn't even have to study.
The party was pitch fun.
It was pitch black outside.
by Anonymous9292 April 10, 2010
What rugby players call the field they play on.
Lets go toss the ball around on the pitch.
by juker355 February 19, 2012
To contribute money towards a common fund for buying alcohol.

See throw down.
Do you wanna pitch for a couple of cases?
by blair April 11, 2004
To inflict testicular torsion by baseball
I pitched my ex yesterday
by kananakook May 29, 2009
1. to fling or toss
2. to tip over or fall
Last night when I was snowboarding I hit my front edge and it pitched me face first into the ice.
by HUTCH January 12, 2004
An acronym of 'Pain In The Crack Hole'. (deeper and dirtier than a Pain In The Arse)

Invented in 2009 by...me ! Funnily enough. :)
"Man, that's a real pitch - I feel sorry for ya."
by THE_FORCE March 09, 2010
This millenium's alternative to the word cool.
Four pack of Fosters for £3? Thats well pitch!
by M'n'W June 10, 2007