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Entry: PRONOUCNED ->Awesome
Synonoms: Very Awesome, Pretty Awesome, Ridiculously Awesome, Sean "Guy" Capri, Disgustingly Awesome etc.
Antonyms: Umm... Not Sean "Guy" Capri
Come on look alive, Hutch...HUTCH!!!
1) That was Osm!
2) " Sean you are OSM"
3) Isn't Sean Osm??? He's seriously hot right now
by hutch August 05, 2004
A nice engine but is not what it used to be.
Yeah man, that Hemi tore some shit, but then i bought a LT1 and now im twice as fast
by hutch November 02, 2003
Brand name of a product used by surfers to give them traction on their surfboards.
whoa! Dude, check it out, cherry flavored Sex Wax. Gnarly!
by HUTCH January 13, 2004
The male member,
Slang for a male whore.
I used my jizz cannon to cream her biscuit last night.
He is such a jizz cannon.
by Hutch April 23, 2003
To completely destroy another person
"... i gillact your punk ass..."
by hutch January 12, 2005
1. pubic hair that has not been trimmed or maintained.
2. Scary part of the woods in fairy tales.
I went down on this girl and I ran into the old growth forest. That shit needs to be fixed.

I wonder if she's sporting a landing strip, bald eagle, or old growth forest?
by HUTCH January 12, 2004
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