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when you decorate your walls using red and green colors, but the paint drips and looks like urine.
Leah:look at the sparkles I put on the wall! It's red and green!

Kayla: Oh. It looks like pissmas
by LeahIsColorful December 08, 2007
Pissmas is a holiday that me and my friends created. It was originally intended to be a Star Wars marathon of movie at night, but we recently changed it to any movie night. It is usually of a full series with more than 2 movies. It usually begins around 11 or 12 at night, and goes until everyone passes out from exhaustion. There is usually mad snacks, as well as many energy drinks as you and your friends can buy. It almost becomes a contest for your manhood of who will stay up the latest, and alliances are formed, and it can become very hostile, all the while watching mad movies. Pissmas is a great holiday that can be celebrated by anyone.
Hogie: Yo bro, what did you do last night?

Dave: Oh, I had people over and we had a hectic Pissmas
by JohnHogie July 11, 2009
A drunken family event, held on Christmas Day, where otherwise respectable people begin drinking at around 9am

Pissmas tends to involve inappropriate nudity, old feuds being rejoined, and feelings being hurt. Fortunately, nobody ever recalls any of it on Boxing Day
"it's 10am and I'm already drunk"
"Merry Pissmas! Time to open presents!"
by schhhh April 03, 2016
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