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When you're busting for a piss, and finally get to let it go, a pissgasm is the spine-tingling wash of relief that makes you go "Oooaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!"
Mate, when I finally got to break the seal at the pub last night, I had a real pissgasm!
by Mystikan September 01, 2007
when you hold your piss for a really long time, such as a car ride, and when you finally do piss its almost better than sex.
man that was a long car ride i had to piss so bad i had a pissgasm
by the originator of pissgasm April 24, 2009
The intense feeling of bliss while urinating after holding it in for an extended period of time.
I had a pissgasm while relieving myself after having been in the car for three hours straight.
by AnonymXY May 24, 2009
The titillating sensations one feels whilst urinating. Usually accompanied by a yell or moan, of some sort.
"Oh, Dear God. I've been holding this one all day. Ohhhhh, yea, I'm having a piss-gasm."
by Thekockyroach December 19, 2008
The feeling of peeing after holding it in for a long time.
Oh man, when we got home after that long drive I had a pissgasm.
by gruffor November 11, 2010

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