really really really drunk.
it seems my friends are always pissed.
by malora June 29, 2003
In America and most of the world, "pissed" is a vulgar term denoting anger and frustration. Sometimes the word is followed by "off" to mean the same thing. In Great Britain and Ireland the word "pissed" means "drunk" or "intoxicated" and is generally not considered vulgar.
When I saw the Beatles Anthology miniseries on TV, occasionally the Beatles and/or other people would say a swear word and it would be bleeped, because this program was broadcast on network TV (on ABC, in the spirit of the Anthology the network hyped itself as "Ay-Beatle-Cee". Uh-huh.). George Harrison was talking about the group being on the Magical Mystery bus travelling to promote the "Magical Mystery Tour". Pub patrons would stand outside and wave at the Fab Four, George said that they were "pissed". That word was not bleeped out. Knowing that people outside the UK and Ireland would be watching this program, George explained the term's definition by stating, "Oh. Getting pissed is the same as getting plastered".
by Starpunk December 09, 2007
Australia's favourite word to describe what you get after work everday.
"I knock off at 4pm. Let's go get pissed."
by Diego August 29, 2003
that point in drunkeness beyond which you will remember little of what occured the night before
man i was so pissed last night... what the hell did i do... and where the feck am i??
by shadow sword March 31, 2004
When someone gets really drunk, like where they start slurring and can't walk straight.
Drunk guy: ulookhotttt...wannafuckwithme?
Girl: Fuck off! I dont do it with guys who are pissed.
by blogger_08 January 16, 2006
Meaning Drunk;
as in piss drunk
I was so pissed last night I passed out on my front lawn
by Necey January 21, 2005
In America and Canada, usually coupled with "off", to mean extremely angry. Considered a swear word.

In the UK, Ireland, and Australia, pissed means massively drunk. Generally beyond everyday drunk, a specialist kind of drunk. Not so much a swear word.
America: "You crashed my car, man! I'm so pissed!"

UK/Ireland: "I just had 7 pints and I'm well pissed!"
by LibertineRiot August 23, 2011

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