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n. Not unlike a crybaby, but where a crybaby cries out of sadness, fear, or pain, a pissbaby pisses on things out of anger. A pissbaby is:

1. A person who becomes irrationally angry at being denied something they feel entitled to, even when they aren't.

2. A person who receives something they want, and immediately becomes irrationally angry at its perceived flaws while ignoring that it still has the qualities that made them want it in the first place.
"If she was really an ugly skank, you wouldn't have asked for her number. You're being a pissbaby."

"You just said the cast for the movie adaptation of your favorite book is perfect, but you've been complaining all night because it had a Nickelback song in the soundtrack. You're being a pissbaby."
by SLacey February 15, 2015
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Some one who leaves group and makes a scene just because some made a joke about him
John was being a real pissbaby when he left the group
by Thewordyman April 12, 2015
a guy who plays around, in his own piss like its a slip and slide waiting for his diper to get changed (aka you to change his life) but when you go to help him he acts like he a grown man when he far from it.
ex: Friend 1 - "oh look who texted me (insert name) hes on drugs by the river and says hes leaving town"

Friend 2 - "oh you mean the piss baby?"
by swan queen October 17, 2014
Noun; refers to a person that goes way too hard at a concert, ruining the experience for the other fans.
"I thought it was a pretty good show, until all the crying pissbaby fanboys tried to mosh during a slow song."
by Jaysub June 01, 2015
Someone who was pissed on as a child. Typically, once a child is urinated on, a plaque (a "Pissbaby Plaque") stating the name of the child, the time and day it was pissed on and by whom is riveted to its back. Pissing on a young child renders them mentally retarded and greasy in complexion.
"Hey Joe, let me see your Pissbaby Plaque! I've gotta see who made you this dumb!"

"That guy is fucking dumb, he must be a pissbaby"
by DigSweet January 02, 2008

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