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Someone who's penis is so small when he goes to the bathroom he pisses on his nuts.
What's up there piss-nuts?
by MykMan September 08, 2003
A term for someone who's dick is so small they piss on thier nuts.
That Guy's junk is so small he's piss nuts.
by Captain Slappy July 10, 2008
Someone whos 'junk' is so small when he uses the bathroom he pisses on his nuts.
Whats up there pissnuts.
by Das Reichs July 27, 2007
Pissnuts is a condition that affects many men and is caused by an immensely small penis. During urination, the tiny penis does not extend far enough for urnine to travel over the balls, resulting in a nutsack drenched in urine. Men who suffer from pissnuts often sport a goatee, baseball cap, and eyeglasses.
Tim's wife ordered him to urinate outside, as his pissnuts had ruined the bathroom rugs and towel sets.
by manchild5116 February 17, 2011
1. an occasionally human resembling ape like creature, alcohol makes up at least 40% of its molecular structure at any given time, and only drinks at least 40% alcohol unless there's any good cider in the neighbors trash.

makes Mel Gibson look like 10 Mormon/baptists.

is on first name terms with all the bottom shelf bourbon,has his own ass groves in most local drunk tanks ect.
you know you're a pissnut when you're saving hundreds on petrol because your blood can usually power your car.
by methyeti88 August 31, 2014
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