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When some one or some thing is said to be extremely soft or weak.
Kurt: "is Jay coming to Tamworth ?"
Mini: "naa he's piss weak"


Kurt: "that bloke over there wants to fight me"
Jay: "dont worry about it he couldnt fight his way out of a paper bag, he's piss weak"
by Dbridge January 23, 2008
As weak as a stream of urine (piss). Aussie - very weak , especially related towards effort .
Jonny: "he couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding"
Travis: " yer, its a pretty pissweak effort"
by wackyv8 October 06, 2010
Something poorly made so it breaks easily, a person with absolutely no strength or courage, or a beverage lacking in flavour.
1.Don't buy those one-dollar screwdrivers again, they are piss weak and bend like nobody's business.

2.I was going to go around to Headly's house and kick his ass but the guy is so piss weak he'll probaby shit his pants and then there's no way I'm touching him.

3.This beer is like fizzy water, piss weak in fact.
by Papaver February 25, 2007
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