A drinking session. A booze up.

Proverbially, the thing that a particular bad organiser couldn't organise, even if by pure dumb luck he happened to find himself in the place where beer is produced.
Another government IT project's gone pear shaped, seems EDS really couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery.
by hognoxious August 27, 2007
Top Definition
australian my arse, it's british through and through, involving booze curry and kebabs, and vomit.
eee we had right good piss up last night, 15 pints with a curry, 15 pints in t'club and a kebab for afters, smashing
by Anonymous March 04, 2003
to get pissed, kaylied, blathered, wrecked, to get drunk, origonated from english pissheads and said anywhere where english folk have been, the irish who speak english, and aussies say it aswel. the gaelic would be a shousha. other ways a sayin pissed, kaylied, blathered, drunk, pissed up,

theres the english saying "ya carr organise a piss up in a brewery"
means you can't do shit.
English: yo wanna goo for a pissup, c'mon get kaylied
irish man: Iye les'ave a shousha
cockney: ya gettin brahms n list, arl join ya alwhite.
aussie: ahhhyeah, arrm pissfit alrighte
welshe:ire gonna gert me a pynte
irish man: ahhhhh I dunno where d'fu Iam
aussie: ahhhh me neitha, pissed up
welshe: where the fu am I, who am I
english: now thats a piss up,

by paul hinton May 03, 2006
More commonly used in Australia; basically a social gathering or full-blown party intentionally to get drunk. Commonly associated with pisswrecked, pissed, wreckless, drunken, wrecked, fucked.
In the holidays, there was a massive-arse piss-up to celebrate no school. 'Twas well-sick :)
by *Dools* June 06, 2005
the act of doing 10 push-ups right after going pee.
drunk people need to do more push-ups and when you drink you pee a lot!
guy 1: Dude i have to take a fat piss!
guy 2: Dont forget to do your piss-ups
guy 1: im going to be riped by the end of the night!
by DanTheMan2010 July 01, 2010
A term for getting drunk. Generally a term used by under 18s who think they're cool on facebook. Photos are taken at the event, in which the teens are holding large cans of energy drinks, carefully positioned to look like a can of beer.
Person 1: we better stock up on red bull for our piss up, so we can look cool on facebook

Person 2: good idea, make sure you turn round the cans in the photos so it looks like we're actually getting drunk
by you_are_a_noob July 02, 2009
to fuck up a girl
dude no 1: dude did you piss-up her
dude no 2: yah
by musherman November 21, 2009
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