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in one episode of south park, le petit tourette, there is a character that repeats the phrase piss out my ass and piss in the ass. this is followed by numerous recitations of the word piss and ass
piss.....ass....piss out my ass
by zzoldan January 05, 2008
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a phrase repeated again and again in the popular TV show South Park - where one of the character's tourette's tick is repeatedly screaming variations of "piss out my ass!"

also, when the character is screaming a variation of this phrase, he will turn his head to the side and cover his mouth.
ass...ass!!! piss, the ass!!
ass pissss!! peeiissss!
ass??? piss in the ASS!!!
peeeeiiiiissss coming from my aaeeeeiiiassss!!!!!!
piss....pissss!! piss out my aeeeasss......PISS OUT MY ASS!
by JackBauer133 April 13, 2011
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Another way to say diarrhea; you have such bad diarrhea that it is like water, and you can literally force it out, like piss.
Eating all that fried chicken made me piss out my ass.

I've been pissing out my ass for the past 24 hours.
by Paul_M_Mason October 25, 2007
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Origins of this saying come from the late 2014s deep within the hearts of the Canadian metropolis cold Toronto. Founder of this very catchy curse phrase well known among his friends and a pillar to his communities and other communities, knew right away what he had done, putting those four words together started the beginning of a new era, A New World even. ... Thank you Dr Dylan ..
I salute you and the mighty Ocean unicorn. narwhals
by Noswal... Backwards son February 26, 2015
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