an enhancer that can refer to basically anything at any given time based on the speakers intent. similar to how one would address someone as an "asshole" in a negative regard, but more versatile because it can enhance positive emotion equally. it can demonstrate jealousy, respect, hate, and even happiness. its uses are as wide as the receiver is comfortable with accepting, and generally demands a response. it is derogatory in nature, but a term used amongst friends (especially to each other) to express a given sentiment. originated in south milwaukee, over a game of pool.
mad/angry: you stole my last fish stick you piss ass!
respect: you piss ass, i can't believe you made that cut shot 8-ball bank. i gotta learn that shot!
happiness: i can't believe you planned this awesome party for me you piss ass, thanks bro!
by adamvivitron November 10, 2011
When you piss in the toilet before you take a big shit and the now pissy toilet water splashes back up all over your butt cheeks, some of which even gets into your asshole.
I could tell by the way she was walking after leaving the washroom, that chick had some pissass.
by Titus Butts July 08, 2014
when you have an extreme problem with your digetive system and you shoot liquid out ur ass like booze poos or chronic diarrea
marty you pissass your seats all wet
by laserclean April 16, 2009
A highly degrading, hateful and insultive slur against God only.

It's used by people who completely hate the spirit of God and have complete and utter contept for him/her, but not his/her followers, believers nor Jesus Christ etc.

It is meant to be much more offensive and hurtful to God than the n-word is to black people.
I hate that piss-ass, what's he ever done for me.
by Ih8uGod May 23, 2013
The ability to fornicate and urinate at the same time.
Jimmy had lots of beer, but still wanted to have sex with Shirley, so he underwent his secret pissass technique, relieving himself.
by conejoooho January 25, 2009
A defecation that is more liquid than solid, hence, as if you were pissing out of your ass.
Damn dude, those dumplings were gnarly, gave me piss ass for days. It was like an evil geyser, dawg.
by Greg Ricklensface May 22, 2015
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