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A drug test where urine collection is the method for testing for drug use to juvey...I failed my piss test again
by Klepto May 20, 2003
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something that occurs a lot to people at my school...the way to pass it is to drink obscene amounts of water to the point of explosion.
ugh.....16 more bottles of water then im clean!
by yo mamma May 21, 2003
when you randomly have to piss in a small cup to test for pot heads and tweakers.
Beth: "wat up my nig, you wanna smoke this purple kush?! i just bought an eighth!"

Salley:" hell no! i gotta go see my p.o. today. She gonna gimmie one of them piss tests..."

Beth: "damn"
by pixi3srh630 January 07, 2009

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