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person who enjoys being urinated on in a sexual manner
Jiinks moved to AZ because Mia is a dirty piss mop.
by preludepilot March 28, 2005
Piss drinking whore. You piss in her mouth.
A pissmop is better than just any old meathole. She will drink your piss and say she likes it.
by Peter Pecker July 11, 2005
Derogatory or Slang for for a woman who likes a golden shower (pissed on)
Get her in the tub, she's a pissmop
by lore November 13, 2003
an ugly whore, or any ugly girl in general who you would piss on.
man, jessica is just a fucking piss mop.
by horizar March 21, 2005
A large volume of pubic hair on a female. So named due to its potential to become soaked with urine and thus resemble a wet mop.
I ain't goin down there again until she shaves off the pissmop.
by BungyBung July 31, 2012
An unkempt female (or male!) nether region. When the pubic hairs are so long they get in the way of the urine stream and thus collect urine like a mop.
Now that she trimmed her piss-mop, Evilynne doesn't stain her britches.
by Effie Saint Profane August 13, 2012
a mop used in public washrooms by fat ass janitors with tight pants and no hair left because they ripped it out and get to mop up peoples piss off the floor.
haha u r a piss mopper!
by Fat Tits Fart August 12, 2005

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