An alternative way to sing the Bob Seeger song "Against the Wind", especially if it's 3:00 a.m., and you're drunk.
Piss in the wind, keep pissing into the wind.
by MRT3 July 02, 2009
Top Definition
Doing something that is a complete waste of effort and time for which you can expect no results and may even backfire on you.
Telling the president that invading other countries is unpopular with many voters is like pissing in the wind.
by Blue Cawdrey November 21, 2004
Messier than swimming against the tide.
Skip to the loo, pee to the lee, my darling. Don't piss in the wind, you'll spring a leak in the dinghy.
by Horace Hornblower July 28, 2008
When something is simple or easy for the average person.
Person : Man! This is a "piss in the wind"!
by Pissing in the wind May 19, 2014
go take your futility elsewhere. Your opinion was unfair.
Her: "watching you shove your personal angst into good poetry is like watching a fat woman trying to squeeze herself into my favorite dress."

Him: "Go piss in the wind."
by ALGGG January 18, 2008
to waste time2.doing noyhing just daydreaming or some shit like that
Whatcha doing my dizzle???
Just pissing in the wind fella!!!!!!
by Kevin February 04, 2004

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