Deodorant cake hung on rim of toilet bowl.
It's about time to replace the piss biscuit.
by Trish O. November 01, 2002
Top Definition
Someone that hang's around like a urinal cake, constantly bitching/complaining about the same thing day after day soon everybody start's to get pissed off just hearing his or her ramblings
..Stop being a Piss Biscuit and get this done.
..Can't you find something else to bitch about ya, Piss Biscuit?
..There he goes again ole' Piss Biscuit is on his "soap box" again
by renfield December 27, 2006
That biscuity mass left over after an extremely painful piss.

Like a kidney stone, but spreadable.
Damn man I'd better see the urinologist, I left a huge piss biscuit last night.
by TTTTTT Squirrel October 06, 2009
to be used when unfortunate incident occurs.

2.after injuring oneself

3.before having a rant at a total assmunch
1.jeff: i crashed my car last night *grrs*
joe: piss biscuits dude! that sucks.

2.(after hammring a nail through your thumb)jeff:piss biscuits that fucking hurts (crying face)

3. miles: ur mum
jeff: *sighs* piss biscuits miles you are a total dickfaced moron. 'ur mum' got old about 10 years ago so SHUT UR FUCKING FACE. you. suck. ass. bigtime
by jejoss May 03, 2008
A baked good such as a biscuit, cake, brownie, etc in which urine is used instead of water. Typically done as a practical joke.
I gave Nathan a pissbiscuit; and he actually ate it!!
by Steve_Judo January 02, 2010
A minor expression of disgust or dismay.
I can't find my glasses, pissbiscuits!
by mickey bitsko September 13, 2007
An alternative name for a urinal cake
I just left the bathroom and dick-sniped a pubic hair off of a piss biscuit..
by spooledbrat October 19, 2010
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