the useful part of a woman
the useless bit of flesh above and below the pish flaps?? the woman
by tartanbeastie February 13, 2004
Top Definition
1-Scottish - Labia or pussy lips
2-Scottish - garbage talked by some people(mosylty in politics)
1- i went down on her and her pishflaps were tasty!
2- that fucker Blair just talks a load of pishflaps
by pax September 15, 2003
also known as fanny flaps or beef curtains
her pish flaps were dripping with spunk
by Freedom for Scotland November 07, 2003
a scottish slang word for a vagina lip, often used by the lower classes from council housing estates.
" hey malky your sister hus some pishflaps on hurr"
by shug May 23, 2004
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