the act of having sexual intercourse with a female and her not being able to walk straight the next day.
The jawn i piped out last night was wobbling in the hallway.
by blacknegaman April 26, 2011
Top Definition
when you dick a bitch down so good that it make her run home and tell her daddy how trill the dick was
White hoe: "Daddy, I got piped out by that black guy you work with last night"

White Hoe's Dad: "WHAT, I'm gonna KILL THAT NIGGER!!!"
by H-tine Ridah July 19, 2010
Relating to or the occurrence of being too stoned; marijuana

Adjective /pīp/
Synonyms: baked, ripped, zooted

Origin: via Old French (in the sense: tube, tubularvessel), ultimately from Latin pīpāre to chirp
"When Jane smokes marijuana she always gets piped out ."
"Johnny spends all of his money on marijuana, therefore he is constantly piped out."
by piped out March 22, 2016
To be jittery or high looking regardless of intake . the cat is super piped out.
She looked piped out last night.
via giphy
by Kavaltiia March 14, 2016
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