Delusions of grandeur.
Anything Jeff thinks of is a pipe dream.
by Hero of Heroes November 02, 2009
a fantasy or an illusion, dream, wish etc. that won't usually come true.

A kick ass Nintendo game! =]

Being able to love him is just a pipe dream.

Yoo i still play Pipe Dream!
by xXKitteh_FaceXx July 10, 2008
In MVP Baseball 2005 on the Xbox, a four seam fastball right down the middle or hanging changeup, the latter of which 2005 Mark Teixiera likes to pull down the line for high arcing homeruns that sometimes hit the foul pole. Juan Uribe and Mike Piazza also make a living off hitting these pitches.
*Joe fouls off hanging changeup*
Joe: AWWWWWWWWWWWW, that was a pipe dream!
Jeff: you suck.
by Jonathan Dowdsmack April 08, 2011
A dream that usually occurs during a short nap that leaves its victim with a large and often untimely errection.
That pipe dream came at the wrong time, now i have to hide my wood for an hour.
by Boarman August 14, 2009
any of the above definitions is good. but the following probably provides an dramatic example of the words in use.
A pipe dream is a girl that you dream about laying pipe to, although it will probably never happen.
by drdaninjp May 26, 2008
The sad realization that an occurrence that could turn your life around has astronomical odds of happening.
I sure wish my intestinal track and ass could produce a useful amount of thrust.
by vectortec October 17, 2003
word definition: pipe dream n
a goal, hope, idea, or plan so fanciful that it is very unlikely to be realized.

everyone needs those pipe dreams.
you GUYS. its not FUNNY. pipe dreams wont come true if you havent GOT any. stop being stupid. i know you all have them. WHAT?? YOU DONT? stop fuckingwith me. OH MY GOD. FUCK YOU/FUCK ME okay. I THINK WE NEED A TIME-OUT *makes 'T' with hands*

BYE MY SWEET: sweetnsweaty pipe dreams babe
by cim April 19, 2003

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