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A GunShY trainer made for DFLW Demo where player have ability to walk around while he's dead.

- In multiplayer, once player was killed by another player, you have ability to walk around dead but other players can't see you however your gun is almost ineffective but knife works perfectly.
- Mƒxo: Cre566 is cheating.
- Rock101: Probably using Deadknife...
- Guf(Host): Too bad cheater won't last long I'll ban him.
- Cre566: Too bad with SD/EE you'll never catch me.
- Guf(Host): Damn he left so fast.
by DKXStambull August 24, 2009
A GunShY Trainer made for DFLW Demo stands for Self destruct/Easy Exit which give an ability for player to close out whole game without exiting regular way.
- ßule Eyez: Runner545 get out.
- BananaBoi: Runner545 is cheating
- Foxy100: Bye cheater I'm bannin you.
- Runner545: (presses hot key of SD/EE).
- Foxy100: ...He left that fast?
- ¥ukôn: Rofl
by DKXStambull August 25, 2009
A low hope or something that is almost impossible to achieve.
David: I been lifting for 15 years and now I'm 28 years old my max bench press is 275 lbs. Would I ever bench press 405 lbs.

Joe: That's a pipe dream.

David: ... :(
by DKXStambull November 12, 2011

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