another word for vagina
your pin is on fire, your pin is showing, go shave your pin,
by Luongo Chan April 11, 2011
it is when somebody is being very annoying and irritating
" you're being a pin" "stop being a pin"
by Master Cousins March 29, 2013
Weak, scrawny. Usually characterized by limbs that you can wrap your thumb and forefinger around. Looks thin and lanky.
"That guy is such a pin! He doesn't even lift."
"Joel you pin! Keep bench-pressing the bar alone, pin!"
by xXxX_poonslayer6969_XxXx November 18, 2013
king-pin. drug-runner.
from the 2006 Sundance film, Brick.
does the word pin mean anything to you?
drug-runner, right?
big time.
by slikrik March 16, 2006
pin dick, small penis.

Lane Cove slang for a little penis.
your dick is the size of a pin.
by johnnygun August 21, 2009
(Power In Numbers) A group of South Jersey kids taking shows back from asshole hardcore kids who think they are tuff because they punch little girls at shows...fags
anybody who dosent like to be punched for no reason

"I wish P.I.N. was here...the show would have been SOOO much better!"

"you know that kid boo...he is SO not the prince of P.I.N....he is the princess"
Slang name for klonopin.
Hey Florence, you have any pins for sale?
by Crimewatch Roch January 26, 2007

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