the have sex with someone
Mike: "Yo Kelly, you know Ray likes you?"
Kelly: "No he doesn't"
Mike: "Ye he does, he said he wants to pin you"
by KOFI11 April 17, 2008
noun a man or boy who is effiminate, nerdy or uncool
verb (used with out) to cop out; wimp out; fail to live up to an engagement
That guy is a total pin for bringing a laptop to the poker table. Only a pin would show up to a cowboy bar wearing wingtips and sporting a Beemer. Don't pin out on me, dude, you promised you would meet this new chick at the dance hall tonite!!
by Jon64Bailey December 16, 2007
1. drug abuser slang term referring to the prescription drug benzodiazepine.
let's drink whiskey and blow some pins, then maybe you can vomit blood on my mattress.
by adam walker July 11, 2005
my brother told me thats what his girlfriend says that all the time when he slap his penis on her under-goods
p.i.n. meaning- put it in for eager girls waiting for the man to put in in
by blumkin man!! December 07, 2010
marijuana that pinner people smoke. also can be used to explain someone who is a douchebag or a prick
"Dude check out those kids over there smokin' some lucky strikes."
"Dude, lucky strikes are so pin."


"Dude, this joint is so pin."
by John Ingrazinsky April 05, 2006
Verb: to accelerate a vehicle as much as possible.
Some cars/trucks had small pins that would prevent the needle/indicator from going past the end of the speedometer.
To push the vehicle until the needle hit the pin.
We're late, yer gonna have to pin it!!
by Reginald Dunlop October 01, 2004
the name for a cute little girl
Oh that person is such a pin.
by fkaheogkahogho July 29, 2011

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