Cool, Neat, Awesome
Becca: I went to the fair today! It was soo fun!
Tyler: Pin!
by Emma Marsh May 17, 2010
A small dick.
"Hey pin dick." OR "I hear MR X has a pin."
by Diego August 30, 2003
An attempt by "jocks" to be innovative and use an old word to slander and put down someone who is weaker than they are or something which is not up to their standards. Commonly used by nigger ranney.
"You have such a small dick, what a pin"
"I only bought 4 new golf clubs" "Oh thats pin"


"Your a pin"
by A fast black man February 08, 2005
Sexual intercourse particularly consisting of a male ramming his penis into a female's vagina while she lays on her back submissively. The male typically has no feelings for the woman in this situation and just wants to fuck her hard, hopefully make her sore, cum, and get the fuck out of there before she can request to cuddle.
My buddy was pinning her in the other room at that party.
by mintgino May 06, 2005
A game that consists of as many people as you like making a circle around a bowling pin. Everyone links wrists. The object of the game is to be the last person standing. If your link breaks, you and the other person are out. If you knock over the pin, you are out. Beyond that, NO RULES. Do anything and everything to get someone out.
Dude, I can't even fu**ing see straight....lets play pin!
by mars November 10, 2004
A solid insult that no come-back can ever afford to combat.
"Yo man, you white as white itself!"
"you pin!"
"flip son! You owned me there!"
by C-Lub Ndawg January 06, 2005
Short for pinner
A really skinny person
A total opposite of buff
Me: hey Jesse Lee, you're PINS!

Jesse: I know :(

Me: Nothing but a peanut.
by GeeOhDee January 11, 2010

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