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a word used as a substitute for any other word but still not vugar and adorable
what the pink bunnies was that?
WTPB (what the pink bunnies)
who in the name of pink bunnies are you?
your pink bunnies left a pink bunny present in my yard!
by Mewheart March 22, 2008
something that we see when we're high.
the bunny is muscular and looks like it's on steriods.
it scares me a lot.
We were high as fuck and then we saw the pink bunny and it tried to eat me.
by Brooke7241 May 12, 2007
when you are fucking a bitch in the ass and then pull out just before you blow your load and give her a quick jab to the ribs making her ass pirk up in the air which make her resemble a little pink bunny.
as i was stuffing heather's brown eye she pissed me off so i gave her a little pink bunny
by jim February 25, 2005

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