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A mixed drink, consisting of Bacardi Limon, Grand Marnier,Tequila, cranberry juice, and sour mix.
It was her third pink pussy, and she was pretty messed up, practically doing the bump and grind on me at the bar; momentarily, I wondered if the drink was name "pink pussy" for a reason.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
92 61
A white girls pussy.
Yo, son I just fucked a pink pussy the other day.
by Jacob Soto October 17, 2004
149 84
An alcoholic shot consisting of Tequila rose and Buttershots, 50.50 in a shot glass. Tastes like strawberry milkshakes.
Guy: You want another pink pussy?
Drunk girl: (slurred) I already have one. Wanna see?
Guy: Check please!
by Charlemagne816 July 27, 2007
80 30
The equivalent to a male's "blue balls" for girls.
There was some pretty heavy petting going on. He left me with the worse case of pink pussy.
by sexuallyfrustrated November 13, 2011
29 20