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When someone "humps" a pinball machine in an attempt to nudge the ball in a certain direction, or to dislodge the ball out of a stuck position. The player humps with the pelvis because his or her hands are too busy simultaneously smacking the flipper buttons.

Sometimes pinball rape is performed as an ill-advised mating ritual display. A "tilt" can happen, causing the machine and all human on-lookers to shut down completely.
Ever since Ricky committed pinball rape on the Theater of Magic, I just can't enjoy the game at all.
by bingobastard July 15, 2009
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The act of bouncing around a dance floor at high speeds, grinding with any and all bodies with which one comes in contact, regardless of gender or consent.
I was just standing here coramulating with Martha when all of a sudden some guy is rubbing his pelvis all over my leg. And then, just as quickly, he's gone, and I'm just a victim of another pinball rape in the animal breeding ground.
by Wowbagger September 23, 2007
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