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3 definitions by Wowbagger

The center of a high school dance floor, where chaperones are powerless to prevent dirty dancing. A strongly derogatory euphemism. A.B.G. for short.
Hey, we're getting too close to the animal breeding ground. We'd better back off, or we might get pinball raped.
by Wowbagger September 23, 2007
v. intr. 1) To have a face-to-face conversation (with)
After three years communicating only by e-mail, I was looking forward to my coramulation with Tom.

If security channels are compromised, we will have to coramulate at once.
by Wowbagger November 08, 2006
The act of bouncing around a dance floor at high speeds, grinding with any and all bodies with which one comes in contact, regardless of gender or consent.
I was just standing here coramulating with Martha when all of a sudden some guy is rubbing his pelvis all over my leg. And then, just as quickly, he's gone, and I'm just a victim of another pinball rape in the animal breeding ground.
by Wowbagger September 23, 2007