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3 definitions by bingobastard

Using your sphincter muscle to "pinch" a loaf of shit that is hanging halfway out your ass and won't drop of its own accord. Pinching a loaf always results in extra-messy wiping.
"Hurry up and finish taking a shit, we're already late! Pinch the loaf if you must!"

"Thanks for suggesting that I pinch a loaf; it worked. Now I have to spend 5 minutes wiping, then we can leave."
by bingobastard March 28, 2009
416 145
When someone "humps" a pinball machine in an attempt to nudge the ball in a certain direction, or to dislodge the ball out of a stuck position. The player humps with the pelvis because his or her hands are too busy simultaneously smacking the flipper buttons.

Sometimes pinball rape is performed as an ill-advised mating ritual display. A "tilt" can happen, causing the machine and all human on-lookers to shut down completely.
Ever since Ricky committed pinball rape on the Theater of Magic, I just can't enjoy the game at all.
by bingobastard July 15, 2009
27 2
1. A grit-eatin' freak

2. A scum suckin' pea-head with a lousy physique

3. A one man, no good, losing streak.
When I was a child, Fred Blassie's song "Pencil Neck Geek" scared the holy shit out of me, probably because I am one.
by bingobastard August 27, 2009
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